Hubbard House Twilight Garden Club

RD Hubbard House Garden

Hubbard Carriage House - Palmer Centennial Gardens
606 South Broad Street, Mankato MN 

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The Twilight Garden Club's membership is made up of women and men from a wide range of ages who truly enjoy gardening.  This group's volunteers plan, plant, and maintain the gardens at the historic R.D. Hubbard House.

The Garden Club’s work at Hubbard House is accomplished and supported in conjunction with the Hubbard House, City of Mankato, and Blue Earth County Historical Society.  The Gardens include the Welcome Garden at the front of the Carriage House (a partere-style garden with paths between beds); the Carriage Walk and Parkside Gardens at either side of the Carriage House;  the Hitching Post,  Porch and Hubbard Hosta Gardens surround Hubbard House;  and the Joyce Nelson Garden, featuring a mix of ornamental and economic plants, sited at the back of the Carriage House.  The garden’s stonework, walkways, shrubs, and light fixtures "reflect the Victorian period at its grandest."   

The gardens delight passersby. Many people stop to eat lunch in this turn-of-the-century park.  Photographers, both amateur and professional, appreciate the beauty of the gardens. From first to last blossoms the gardens’ provide a back-drop for special occasion pictures. 

In addition to volunteering in the garden Spring through Autumn, the Club meets regularly year-round with programs that cover a wide range of garden-related subjects,  tours of local gardens and an annual Arboretum Tour. Many great ideas are shared during these tours!

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